Vietnamese website names Zia Dantes as one of ‘most beautiful’ kids of Asian stars

By , on March 8, 2019

FILE: Sharing with you Ate Zia’s advance birthday celebration at school. Thank you to her classmates and teachers for making Zia’s special day a memorable one. (Photo: marianrivera/Instagram)

Maria Letizia Dantes, or Zia for short, does not only make Filipino netizens and even local celebrities gush about how charming she is as her parents upload photos and videos of her on their social media accounts.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes’s three-year-old daughter now drew the attention of a foreign website aimed at the youth, naming her as one of the “most beautiful children” of Asian celebrities.

The list was made by, a Vietnamese website, and an English translation of it was published in, a website dedicated to the celebrity family. said it is not ‘surprising’ at all that Zia looks beautiful since her Spanish-Filipina mother and Filipino father are known to be one of the country’s gorgeous couple.

“Zia’s face is extremely perfect. This little angel is expected to follow the footsteps of her parents. And become the beauty icon of the Philippines showbiz in the future,” the article read.

She is the only Filipino child included in the list, along with South Korean actress Lee Young Ae’s daughter, Jung Seung Bin, and former Korean-pop idol Ko Ji Yong’s son, Seung Jae, among others.

Aside from being named as one of the most beautiful children, Zia will be soon recognized as a certified big sister after Marian announced in September 2018 that she is having a second child with Dingdong.

In November, the couple revealed the gender of their second baby through a Color Run where Zia participated. At the end of their race, blue powder exploded, while Marian wrote “boy” on the floor.

Zia earlier said it is her wish to have a “little brother” when she was asked for her wish on her birthday.

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