Carlo sends roses to Angelica on Vday

By , on February 15, 2018

(Photo: Angelica Panganiban/Facebook)
Angelica and Carlo who were lovers in their teenage years are also really open in their exchanges on social media (Photo: Angelica Panganiban/Facebook)

They say that love is lovelier the second time around. And perhaps, two former celebrity couple and onscreen partners Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino are going down the road of love again.

Ever since the two said in separate interviews that they are leaving their doors open to a possibility of a relationship blooming again, fans, especially netizens have been bombarding their social media accounts.

While it seems that the two are enjoying teasing their fans with some open-ended and vague responses, it seems that they are also fond of teasing each other.

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Some recent developments in this ‘road to a second chance’ story included a bouquet of white roses sent to Angelica’s doorstep in the very day of Valentine’s – of course, courtesy of none other than Carlo.

Angelica took to Instagram her appreciation of the flowers, posting a photo mentioning Carlo with the caption, “Hinusayan! One point ka sa’kin (You did a good job! You got one point from me).”

Funny enough, in her Twitter account on February 12, a fan asked Angelica if she believed in second chances with an ex-lover. The Twitter user did not name any of the actress’s exes, but fans are quick to bring Carlo into the picture.

The actress simply replied with, “Kung huhusayan niya (If he will do a good job).”

This, however, is contrary to an interview with Tonight with Boy Abunda (TWBA) in January, in which Angelica was firm in saying that she will not date any of her ex-boyfriends.

Angelica and Carlo who were lovers in their teenage years are also really open in their exchanges on social media, which fans feast on.

There was no form of confirmation to the two of them dating again, but Carlo has been open with the media in sharing his intentions of asking Angelica out on a dinner.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, he mentioned that he has yet to ask her out on a dinner. But in a later interview in Tonight with Boy Abunda, Tito Boy asked the actor for a short message for Angelica. Carlo, laughing, said, “Mag-dinner naman tayo minsan (Let us have dinner some time).”

Carlo has confessed in previous interviews that he is not rushing into another relationship as he just broke up with his girlfriend, and has said that Angelica remains to hold a special spot in his heart.