Political families ‘serious cause for concern’ in federalism shift: Pangilinan

By , on February 5, 2018

FILE: Sen. Francis Pangilinan (Photo: Kiko Pangilinan/Facebook)
FILE: Sen. Francis Pangilinan (Photo: Kiko Pangilinan/Facebook)

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Francis Pangilinan on Monday stressed that the multiplication of political families will be a “serious cause for concern” if the government pushes through with proposed federalism shift.

In an interview on ABS-CBN’s News Channel’s “Headstart,” Pangilinan, chairman of the Constitutional Amendments committee, said that to address the issue, the Senate is trying to pass an anti-dynasty bill ahead efforts to discuss the proposed amendments to the 1987 Constitution.

“Well, that is a serious cause for concern that’s why we are proceeding in parallel efforts of hearing the anti-dynasty bills that have been filed in the Senate so that we can see how there were calls to show your sincerity you pass the anti-dynasty bill first in a way I see the validity of their concerns so we are doing it in parallel or in tandem,” Pangilinan said.

“In fact sabi nga nila if these political families it is actually monopoly of not only a monopoly of local economy but also the politics. And when there is a monopoly changes are your development will not be sustainable because only few are benefiting and that why there so much poverty shrewd lalo na sa mga rural areas,” the senator added.

Earlier, former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. said the government shift to federalism will multiply a hundredfold the number of political families because the Philippines will be divided into several states or regions.

“In the Pimentel resolution, I am referring to Nene, 12 states. As proposed to Gonzales and De Vera resolution, 18 states. As proposed in the federal institute of PDP-Laban, it would be more state undetermined because it still under study. You will have so many governments,” Davide said.

“The wealthy families will still control because you will multiplying feudal lords that that would really multiply political dynasties all over the country and that would really  that would be risky and dangerous,” the former chief justice added.

It can also be recalled that Senator Bam Aquino said the passing of an anti-dynasty law is a confidence-building measure in the process, insisting that without the trust in the process and the people behind it, no Charter change will be accepted by the public.

“Intensified political dynasties, even warlordism in some areas might be a drawback of a federal form of government,” Aquino said, noting that an anti-dynasty law would enhance the public’s trust in the federal shift.