JaDine movie director gets frustrated over delays

By , on January 19, 2018

Award-winning Filipino director Dan Villegas and director Antoinette Jadaone (Photo: dan_villegas/Instagram)
Award-winning Filipino director Dan Villegas and director Antoinette Jadaone (Photo: dan_villegas/Instagram)

Award-winning Filipino director Dan Villegas broke his silence regarding his partner and fellow filmmaker Antoinette “Tonet” Jadaone’s blogpost where she lamented the repeated delays of her film shoots with real-life and onscreen pair James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

Speaking with reporters after a press conference for his film “Changing Partners,” Dan was asked for a comment to Antoinette’s frustration over her troubled project.

“Sabi ko kay Tonette, ‘Sana hindi mo pinost. Ganyan na-pi-feel mo, e, OK lang.’ Siyempre, imagine-in niyo rin ‘yung pressure for a director (I told Tonette ‘I wish you didn’t post it. If you’re feeling that way, it’s okay.’ Of course, imagine the pressure for a director),” Dan said in a video interview posted by entertainment columnist Roldan Castro on his YouTube channel.

On Monday, Antoinette published a cryptic blog about a troubled project, sparking speculation online as to the “heartbreaking” reasons behind the delay of her film.

“Filming for #foolishmovie is becoming erratic,” she wrote. “Sayang, andun na ang momentum eh (the momentum is there). More and more shooting days cancelled – some reasons more heartbreaking than others, so heartbreaking they make me cry. Or maybe I am just being overly dramatic, or that’s just really how I value pelikula.”

Antoinette said she’s just worried, hoping that she sustain her excitement for as long as she can.

“I know myself too well – I work better when I am excited, when I am inspired. Lord, grant me patience. I pray for this movie. I pray for myself too. Take it easy,” she added.

Dan, who has directed seven movies since 2014 and three television drama since 2015, said that any filmmaker would actually feel the same way if their project was in the same shoes with Antoinette’s.

“Kung ako man ang director noon, hindi matutuloy ‘yung [shoot], nakabuwelo ka na, synch na kayo ng actors mo, synch na kayo ng staff mo. Titingnan mo, you’re shooting great footage, noong ini-edit mo siya, it’s working, ta’s biglang tigil. That’s frustrating (if I were the director, and the shoot will not proceed when you’re all geared up, you already synched with your actors and staff. You’ll see, you’re shooting great footage, when you’re editing it, it’s working and all of a sudden it stopped. That’s frustrating),” the filmmaker stressed.

Dan sympathized the term his partner used in her blog in referring to the film’s mishap, “Kung ako man ‘yung director noon, heartbreaking iyon, promise, na napa-pack up ka sa shooting (if I were the director, it’s heartbreaking, promise, to see that you’re packing up when you’re supposed to have a shooting).”

The director said that Antoinette is “very frustrated” and that he stands together with her.

When asked about the speculations over the reason of the film’s delay, Dan refused to give comments specifically on the celebrities, saying that he doesn’t want to judge because, according to him, it is “poisoning the well.”

Nadine, in a seemingly response to the rumors about the film’s situation, posted on Wednesday an Instagram story showing a spinal X-ray result and a list of illness.

“Kung masama ang pakiramdam niya, sabihin na, kasi nagkakasa na kami (if she has a health problem, she should say it because we’re preparing),” Dan said, reacting to the actress’ post.