Prayers for Isabel Granada flood social media

By , on October 25, 2017

(Photo: Isabel Granada/Facebook)
(Photo: Isabel Granada/Facebook)

A burst of prayers flocked social media as news of Isabel Granada on comatose broke on Wednesday.

This started when the 41-year-old’s friend, Bianca Lapus posted a status on Facebook.

“She was rushed at the Heart Hospital Hamad Medical Corp. Now at HGH (Hamad General Hospital) in Qatar,” part of Bianca’s post said.

Apparently, Isabel collapsed and that the only detail given was she that was in a critical condition due to an aneurysm, and a massive internal bleeding in the head.

According to ABS-CBN Middle East Bureau, Isabel collapsed during a meet-and-greet with fans in an architecture and design office around 2:30 p.m. Philippine time (or 7:30 p.m. in Qatar time).

The post was then edited “Update: Isa is in a coma now. She was rushed at heart hospital and status was post-cardiac arrest, but according to the nurse I chatted with in Qatar, she was transferred to Hamad hospital and it’s confirmed she has internal bleeding and aneurysm.”

Bianca said that according to her sources, Isabel would undergo a major operation anytime and that the actress had a cardiac arrest for six times.

After Bianca’s plea for prayers, Isabel started trending as more netizens joined in the prayer circle.

Her former on-screen partner Chuckie Dreyfus also brought to social media his wishes and prayers.

“I would just like to ask everyone for prayers for Isa’s quick recovery and restoration. Just a quick prayer. Anywhere you may be. Spare a minute of your time or perhaps just a couple of your seconds,” Chuckie said.

He also said that Isabel is a wonderful person, who is very joyful, loving, and truly passionate in everything she does. “That’s why it truly pains me all the more to know that this has happened to a person such as her,” he added.

Initially, Isabel’s husband Arnel Cowley and her relatives chose to not speak up and just ask for prayers. But then, Arnel finally broke his silence.

“She suffered from a brain hemorrhage which indicates aneurysm and in turn affected her heart. She collapsed suddenly without warning yesterday afternoon and is still not responding,” Arnel said through Chuckie.

“I have released this statement to end inaccurate speculations during this hard time for myself and the rest of the family and I would also like to thank the people that’s supporting me here in Doha,” he added.

On October 18, Isabel flew to Doha, Qatar as a celebrity speaker in Philippine Trade Tourism Conference. Currently, Isabel is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).