Health ministers looking at electronic database to fight opioids crisis

By on October 20, 2017

Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman called on Albertans who have opposed the government's climate plan to come together for the sake of seeing the Trans Mountain pipeline to completion. (Facebook photo)
FILE: Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman (Photo: Sarah Hoffman/Facebook)

EDMONTON — Canada’s health ministers are looking at ways of working together, including an electronic prescription database, to fight the growing crisis in opioid addictions.

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman says a common database could help health professionals keep patients away from opioid abuse or prevent an addiction from becoming worse.

Hoffman and her counterparts discussed a number of health issues on the first day of their two-day meeting in Edmonton.

They also talked about a national pharmacare plan and whether to buy medical equipment together to save money.

The ministers will meet Friday with their federal counterpart Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

Petitpas Taylor is to deliver an update on rules for the legalization of marijuana on July 1.