Antique to build monument celebrating nation’s major languages

By , on July 31, 2017

Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao. (PNA photo)
Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao. (PNA photo)

SAN JOSE De BUENAVISTA, Antique, July 31 — Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Commission on the Filipino Language for the construction of monument at the Evelio B. Javier Freedom Park in front of the New Capitol.

Cadiao said that the monument signifies “a celebration of Antique’s local dialect Kiniray-a now recognized as one of the major languages in the country.”

She said that the monument will also bear the other languages recognized nationwide.

John Larry C. Dongca of the Commission on the Filipino Language, who signed the MOU with the governor, said in an interview that the monument in Antique would be among the 20 that they would be constructing.

One of those will be in Iloilo City where an MOU signing will also be held.

He said that the monument would be a reminder of the 131 languages considered intangible cultural heritage needed to be preserved.