Duterte: Trump wants to fix ‘bad relations’ with PH

By , on December 8, 2016

President Rody Duterte talks with incoming U.S. President Donald Trump over the phone on Friday evening, December 2. (Malacañang photo)
President Rodrigo Duterte talks with incoming U.S. President Donald Trump over the phone on Friday evening, December 2. (Malacañang photo)

MANILA, Philippines—Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that incoming U.S. President-elect Donald Trump wants to fix the bad relationship between the Philippines and the United States.

In a speech given by Duterte during his conference in Fourth State Conference of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), he said that he felt like a “saint” after more than seven-minute phone call with Trump last Friday evening, December 2.

So ngayon, kung makinig ka kay Trump magsalita sa akin, naging santo ako. Doon sa isang administrasyon, well… (If you will now listen on how Trump speaks to me, I felt like a saint. But on the previous administration, well…), “Duterte said without finishing his sentence.

‘Oh President Duterte, we should fix our bad relations, it needs a lot of, you know, you just set something good here and you’re doing great’.” He added.

For the past months, the relationship with the US has been untied due to the criticism of Americans about the killings of over 2,000 people on anti-narcotics operations under his administration. Duterte once said “go to hell” to the outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama and condemning him repeatedly.

However, Duterte was complimented by the incoming US President on his war on drugs. Trump told him he’s doing great and told him not to worry about the Americans

Trump is inviting Duterte to have a visit on the US.

“Oh yes, when you come to Washington DC or New York City, look me up and we’ll have coffee. And maybe you can give me a suggestion, one or two how to solve this …” said by Trump, narrated by Duterte, not finishing his sentence.

Duterte also invites Trump to visit the Philippines by 2017, said by the Special Assistant to the President Secretary Bong Go. He even described Duterte and Trump’s conversation as “very engaging” and “animated” in a Facebook post.

In the past few months of Duterte’s presidency, Philippines’ relationship with China and Russia has been improved.