Davaoeños express mixed feelings seeing President Duterte in Malacañang

By , on June 30, 2016

DAVAO CITY – City Hall employees, market vendors at the Bankerohan Public Market and people on the streets cheered as President Rodrigo Duterte stood to take his oath of office and applauded as he spoke Bisaya in the later part of his 15-minute speech.

At the City Hall, employees did not go out for their usual noon break as they were excited on how the inauguration would be unfold. They were overwhelmed with pride and jubilant watching their former mayor and boss, now the country’s Chief Executive.

Some of them were curious how Duterte was feeling during the entire ceremony. They cheered and laughed on that last part of the speech where Mr. Duterte said, “Why I am here? Hindi kasali ito diyan (This is not part of that) pointing to the teleprompter.

Given that there were no other public viewing areas, some people had to contend themselves watching the inauguration via the big ad board of the GMA Network – minus the audio, along San Pedro Street. The people would applaud and cheer whenever they saw Mr. Duterte on the screen.

Renzel Braga, a worker who dropped by at the Mallengke, where a big screen was set up for the Bankerohan market vendors, said he was happy that the Davao mayor now finally sits as the President.

“Nidalikyat lang aron motan-aw (I just dropped by to watch),” said Braga, who is a resident of Toril. While he is saddened that Mr. Duterte will now be rarely seen in the city, he said he is consoled that the now President will be replaced in Davao by his daughter, Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio.

“Trabaho na gyud siya karon para sa tanan (So now he will work for everybody),” Braga said as he lauded Mr. Duterte’s affirmation of his fight against criminality, illegal drugs and corruption.

Nenita Bañagao, the property management and leasing operations management of NorthBank Holdings Corporation, said she was having goosebumps watching the inauguration. Knowing how Mr. Duterte led Davao City when he was mayor, Bañagao said she expects him to deliver his promises as the country’s leader.

Bañagao said she would like to see a big improvement in the country’s peace and order situation. She affirmed Duterte’s readiness to help the needy.

Over at Rizal Park, about 500 Lumads from different parts of Davao region and nearby provinces, joined the rally to express their support to the new administration. Their banners speak of their congratulatory message to Mr. Duterte.

The militant leaders have also asked for the release of the Coco levy funds, support to the peace process between the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), release of political prisoners, and release of the Martial Law victims’ claims.

The Lumads waited for the inauguration before heading back to their communities.