On Duterte’s inaugural luncheon: durian tartlet, kesong puti, dalandan juice

By , on June 29, 2016

Photos: Flickr (Jules/Shubert Ciencia/Kathryn Cartwright)
Photos: Flickr (Jules/Shubert Ciencia/Kathryn Cartwright)

MANILA – The luncheon after the oath-taking of Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte as the 16th President of the Philippines on June 30 at the Rizal Hall of the Malacañang Palace will serve simple Filipino food and beverages.

Inaugural committee member Lisette Marques disclosed that the modest luncheon only included five dishes on its menu: monggo soup with smoked fish in demitasse cups, lumpiang ubod, pandesal with kesong puti and beef longganisa, durian tartlets and fried bananas. As for drinks, pine-mango cooler and dalandan juice will be on the guests’ tables.

The inaugural committee omitted petite inasal na manok skewers, mini choco sotanghon lumpia, banana fritters and coconut juice from the original menu provided by Malacañang Palace caterer Via Mare.

“Via Mare is in charge and Glenda Barretto (Via Mare restaurateur) will be rendering variations on classic Filipino food,” Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said in an Inquirer.net report. “It should have the expected Via Mare touch.”

Based on the presidential inauguration’s guest list, 627 individuals have been invited, including Cabinet members, lawmakers, justices, diplomatic corps, as well as Duterte’s family and friends.