BRP Laguna resumes resupply mission in PHL positions in Spratly

By on February 18, 2016

BRP Laguna. (Photo courtesy of 1t0pe125 via Wikimedia Commons)
BRP Laguna, one of Philippine Navy’s logistics ships.
(Photo courtesy of 1t0pe125 via Wikimedia Commons)

MANILA—The BRP Laguna (LT-501), one of the Navy’s logistics ships, has resumed its resupply mission in Philippine-held positions in the Spratly Islands last Feb. 14.

This was confirmed by Western Command spokesperson Capt. Cheryl Tindog in a message to the PNA Thursday.

“BRP Laguna has resume (her resupply mission) on the morning of Feb. 14 (upon completion of her repairs). She arrived at Pagasa Island Wednesday,” she said in Filipino.

However, she did not give other locations, the BRP Laguna will visit for security reasons.

Equipment casualty forced the BRP Laguna to cut short its resupply run in the Spratly Islands early this February.

“LT-501 (BRP Laguna) left Puerto Princesa (Palawan) last Feb. 4 (for the resupply run). They proceeded (first) to Rizal Detachment (Commodore Reef) and they arrived there last Feb. 6,” Tindog earlier said.

However, due to bad weather conditions in the area, BRP Laguna stayed for two days near Rizal Detachment.

“After two days, the ship was supposed to proceed on her next destination, however, BRP Laguna’s main engine number 2 broke down. So they decided to go back to Balabac for repairs and sailed on single engine only. They arrived there last Feb. 10. Usually, they should have arrived in Pagasa Island by this time, if the ship did not sustain engine trouble,” she added.

The Philippines has Marine units deployed in Ayungin Shoal, Pagasa (Thitu) Island, Lawak (Nanshan) Island, Parola (Northeast Cay) Island, Patag (Flat) Island, Kota (Loaita) Island, Rizal (Commodore) Reef, Likas (West York) Island, and Panata (Lankiam Cay) Island.