Postpone the October 2016 Barangay polls by two years—Rep

By on February 11, 2016

(Malacanang photo)
(Malacanang photo)

MANILA—There’s a move in the House of Representatives seeking to reset the coming Barangay elections slated on October 10, 2016 to October 8, 2018.

Pasay City Rep. Emi G. Calixto-Rubiano filed HB 6420 which seeks to amend Republic Act No. 9340 and postpone by two years this year’s Barangay polls.

“Considering that there will soon be nationwide elections this coming May 2016, it would be prudent and advisable to reset the next barangay elections this October 2016 to October 2018,” the author said.

According to the author, it is noteworthy that the elected barangay officials, being the basic unit of our country’s social structure, “should be insulated from the influence of partisan politics.”

To underscore her move, Rep. Calixto-Rubiano cited a Supreme Court decision on the case of Occena v, Comelec, GR L-60258, January 1984 which held that “it would definitely enhance the objective and impartial discharge of their duties for barangay officials to be shielded from political loyalty.”

Another vital point supporting the move, the author pointed out, is that the Barangay polls will necessitate a considerable amount of government expenditure.

“The billions of pesos that can be saved by reason of its postponement can be used for other government projects like the construction of roads, bridges, school buildings and other worthy endeavors,” the lady lawmaker said.

Even as the election fever has started to move on high gear and the 16th Congress could be racing against time, the lawmaker strongly urged her colleagues that “an extension of two (2) years would be prudent not only to make certain the stability of the barangay leadership and its affairs but also to guarantee that the programs and projects initiated will be aptly carried out and would come to its realization.”

Under HB 6420, the provisions of Section 5 of Republic Act 9164, as amended by Section 3 of R.A. 9340 with regard to “hold-over”, shall remain in full force and applicable under the proposed amendatory law.

She also added that under the bill, the term of office of elective officials under the measure shall commence on November 30 2018, following their elections.

HB 6420, which was filed third week of January this year, has been referred to the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, chaired by Rep. Fredenil H. Castro of the 2nd District of Capiz, for its appropriate consideration and action.

Congress will resume its session on May 23, 2016 after the coming mid-May national elections.

  • straightways

    there is a reason why the law makes barangay election commnce every there years and the purpose of election is to re-elect good leaders and to change bad ones and not to save money for any other projects. every project in the government or any other program of the government was appropriated separate funding. therefore we could not sacrifice the next barangay election in consideration of another program, otherwise we should just extend the election for the barangay level up to 2030 so that we could save more billions for the benefit of the the philippines following the principle of the bill. and to think the government is expending much more money on national election does not justify the bill. it would be better to just postpone national election to save more billions compared to expenditures in the conduct of barangay elections. just a thought!

  • Maricris Catipay Vergara

    This is not about money, this is about the person sitting in the position who are not performing their duties as public servant. They must be remove from office considering they are the people near the voting citizens…… prolong their nonperformance is a big liability not only to the Filipinos but to the entire country. Stupid reason!!!!!!!!!!