Helping and Changing People’s Lives: Annette and Victor Que

By on February 11, 2016

Annette & Victor Que
Annette and Victor Que

In life, there are three things that we all wish to have: health, wealth and time freedom. Annette and Victor Que are perfect example of individuals who have achieved what everybody is yearning for. Annette and Victor are healthy, wealthy and have full control of their time. All thanks to USANA, the couple is living the life.

Annette Que holds three bachelor degrees and has 33 years of experience in corporate banking under her belt. Victor has been an entrepreneur for 30 years. He used to believe that success meant having hundreds of employees, maintaining inventory and working a hundred hours every week while Annette yearned for a title after her name while climbing the corporate ladder.

For more than thirty years, Annette and Victor worked 108 hours weekly, sacrificing time and health for wealth. But in 2001, the couple was introduced to USANA, a multi-level marketing company that focuses on nutrition, business and customer care.

In an instant, Annette and Victor realized that success can be achieved without trading their time for money. Besides, USANA passed the couple’s two important criteria that they use in evaluating any business opportunity: first, that the product must be unique and consumable; second, that the compensation must be fair and attractive to everyone. Upon evaluation, it became evident to the couple that USANA met all of their business criteria.

Today, the Ques are living, what they call, the USANA lifestyle—a lifestyle of health, wealth and time freedom. The USANA lifestyle the Ques are currently enjoying has a lot of perks that many people could only dream of.

Since joining USANA, the Ques have met the President of the Philippines; have been personally invited by Dr. Mehmet Oz to attend his show at the Radio City Hall in New York; and have been invited to judge Miss China beauty pageants.

They have also attended USANA’s Fortune 25 Gala Dinner at a private museum in Paris; were serenaded by the Vienna Boys Choir at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna; and hired a private limousine for a whole month for a shoppe de toure in Italy. Annette and Victor also drive two Porsches.

Fifteen years since their introduction to USANA, Annette and Victor are now members of USANA’s Fortune 25, Million Dollar Club and Top Growth 25. They are also Foundation Executive Diamond Directors for USANA, a much coveted rank in the company.

The Ques, despite their huge success in life and business, has not forgotten to give back to people. Due to USANA lifestyle, they are now able to help in programs that positively influence the lives of thousands of orphans, indigent children, abused kids and seniors in many parts of the world, especially in the Philippines.

Annette and Victor have also helped and changed the lives of many. They had created over 700 new millionaires; many are young Filipinos under the age of 30.

“The USANA journey is a lot of fun! With the financial and time flexibility USANA provided us, we can work when we want to work and play when we want to play,” Annette and Victor relate.

“The key to success in business is creating a community of teams working together with a mutual goal in mind,” they claim.

This dynamic duos’ goal is to train entrepreneurs around the world on how to create the right momentum in attaining financial freedom, reaching dreams, loving life and living the USANA lifestyle to the fullest.

By God’s grace, Victor and Annette are12 Star Diamond Directors of USANA, the highest rank in North America.

In life, we all have a choice. With God’s blessing, Victor and Annette placed their priority in helping and changing people’s lives.