New anti tax Manitoba Party sees interim leader Taz Stuart step down

By on February 5, 2016

Taz Stuart quits from being the interim leader of the Manitoba Party. (Facebook Photo)
Taz Stuart quits post as interim leader of the Manitoba Party.
(Facebook photo)

WINNIPEG—Less than a month into the job, Taz Stuart says he is done with being the interim leader of the Manitoba Party and won’t be running in the April 19 election.

The former city entomologist says once the paperwork clears, he will no longer be leader of the fledgling party.

He says his life is too busy to dedicate the time to the election and organizing the candidates.

He says he never intended to be the face of the party and planned on working more behind the scenes during the election, describing his appointment as interim leader as a necessity for paperwork.

He was quick to add he has no problems with the party or president Gary Marshall, who plans to run for the party in Kildonan.

The fledgling anti-tax, anti-government party announced Stuart as its interim leader and candidate for Fort Whyte last month.

The party, which is still in the midst of applying for official party status, says it hopes to run at least 15 candidates in April’s general election.

(Winnipeg Free Press)