A coffee machine that can turn your selfies into latte art

By , on January 27, 2016

TORONTO – Good news for coffee lovers! There’s already a coffee machine that can turn your selfies and other photos into latte art – The Ripple Maker.

The Ripple Maker is a coffee machine that can print your photos on the froth of your espresso drink. It can customize coffee with high-quality images in just a few seconds. The ripples of the coffee are made of tiny coffee bean drops that keeps the natural quality and flavor of your coffee.

The device doesn’t require professional training for baristas and coffee owners, and could easily set up in any location.

The device also have an LCD touchscreen and customers can also use Ripples app that can be downloaded in Apple’s Application Store to create their own designs from a sketch, photo, or a message. The application has also a photo editor where users can crop, scale, filter or add text before sending it to the coffee machine’s printer.

The device has also a content library where you can browse different themes that you can choose as your latte’s art such as greetings, smart quotes, coffee humor, and many more. The themes constantly updates from time to time from its database.

The coffee machine has also 3D inkjet-printing technologies and replaceable “Ripple Pods” that contains extract made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Just place the mug in the Ripple Maker, and the machine lifts up the mug to its print head where the design selected is applied to the foam, the printing process takes 10 seconds.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eApwjip-Bmw]


Creating a Ripple is as simple as using a smartphone app, that can make you and your baristas experts in latte art. Aside from the content library on the application, you can also use online tools to create exclusive Ripples for your business. An app that can also enhance your brand image, connecting with your customers and promoting your event.

The Barista App is can be connected through your Facebook account to make it easier for the user to personalize his espresso drink.

It was first unveiled in June 2015, when Lufthansa revealed that they will use this coffee machine for their First and Business class departure lounges. The CES said last week that it can be now be purchased by coffee business owners.

The Ripple Maker’s starting price is at US$1,299 with and $85 per month service plan. The Ripple Pod is good for about 1,000 ripples, but are not refillable.

The application is now available in App Store and can only work on iOS devices, but it will be available on Google Play in February 2016.