Miriam Santiago considers joining presidential race in 2016 elections

By , on October 8, 2015

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago (Photo from Santiago's official Facebook page)
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago (Photo from Santiago’s official Facebook page)

MANILA – After declaring that she has already ‘licked cancer,’ Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago hinted seeking the country’s highest post in next year’s national elections.

Several ‘society leaders’ have been urging Santiago to run; and her standing in the Publicus Asia’s presidential preferences survey have ranked her as the second preferred presidential candidate following Senator Grace Poe’s lead.

“To remain in the consciousness of voters despite an absence of over a year is certainly a challenge, including remaining in public service. And I consider it in that light,” the feisty senator earlier said in a statement.

And yesterday, in her official Facebook account, Santiago shared a photo of herself looking at copies of a paper which looked like a certificate of candidacy (COC).

The photo came with the text, ‘I am not going to be coy. Society leaders have urged me to seek the presidency. I can rise to the occasion;’ and the hashtags #WittyWednesday and #MiriamFight. As of writing, her post has already garnered over 32,000 likes, 2,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

Controlled cancer

The senator has earlier expressed interest in joining the presidential race. But after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, she became mum on her political plans and requested for a medical leave from the Senate.

In July, Santiago was told by her correspondent doctor that she was able to control the cancer. Although a person could not be pronounced cured of cancer, the ‘cancer growth in her left lung has already been arrested.’