U.S. fugitive nabbed in Panglao, Bohol

By , on August 2, 2015

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TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol — A fugitive in the United States facing a sexual assault case had been arrested at around 11:30 Saturday morning (August 1) in Panglao by a composite team of US Embassy, Maritime Police, Bureau of Immigration, Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB-7) and Panglao police.

Panglao chief of police, Senior Inspector Joemar Pomarejos, identified the arrested person as Brent Allan Reeves, a 45-year-old US citizen staying in an apartment in sitio Das-ag in Poblacion, Panglao.

Pomarejos’ team joined Agent Bradley Fearn of the US Embassy, the team of Police Senior Inspector Jose Losbaños of the Maritime Police, Andres Sayoco and Raul Dayan of the Bureau of Immigration, and the RPSB-7 team in implementing the alias bench warrant issued by the 2nd Division Circuit Court Pulaski County, State of Arkansas against Reeves.

The bench warrant indicated the US court charged Reeves with the crime of 2nd degree sexual assault with no recommended bail bond.

A Warrant of Deportation for undocumented Alien had also been issued by Bureau of Immigration Commisioner Siegfred Mison against Reeves.

The authorities brought Reeves to Panglao police station after his arrest for record and booking.

The Bureau of Immigration team temporarily left him to the custody of Panglao Police while they still attend to some documents for his transfer to Manila for proper disposition.

The US embassy personnel would be returning for him today (August 2) after completing the documents for his custody.

Intelligence team traced the whereabouts of Reeves, who happened to be an ex-Marine officer in the US, through his ATM withdrawals with the aid of cyber technology.

Reeves reportedly relied on the financial support from his mother’s pension abroad.

Since then, authorities conducted surveillance operations on Reeves until getting a pattern of his activities that led to his arrest.

Based on intelligence report, Reeves had been in Bohol for eight months yet, spending five months in Duero and three months in Panglao.

In fact, his girlfriend of three months is from Duero.

His girlfriend reportedly told the Panglao cops that she had no idea about Reeves’ offense in the US and his arrest surprised her.