X Factor Israel winner fears deportation

By on June 29, 2015

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MANILA – Filipina grand winner of X Factor Israel Rose Fontanes shared her fear of facing deportation as her visa expired.

“I’m disappointed. I thought my dream would really come true and I’d have a music career. But then things turned out the way they did and I feel terrible again,” Fontanes said as quoted in a report for Haarezt’s online site.

Aroma music production also confirmed in the same report written by Itay Stern that Fontanes’ visa has expired last May.

According to the report, the company can no longer renew Fontanes’ visa for the alleged lack of resources.

Aroma Music can not give Fontanes a monthly salary which is a requirement for the issuance of an artist visa in Israel’s immigration office.

Fontanes was declared grand winner of X Factor Israel January last year and was handled by the Aroma Music production company since then.