BIR intensifies cigarette monitoring

By , on June 19, 2015


MANILA — The Bureau of Internal Revenue has tightened its cigarette monitoring following reports on illegal selling of packs without tax stamps.

Through an advisory on its website, the BIR said that they will be conducting on-the-spot surveillance of products.

“The BIR, through its authorized representatives, will conduct on-the-spot surveillance of cigarette products either in the place of production, storage facilities or in the domestic market, as the case may be, through the use of mobile verification devices issued for the purpose of ensuring compliance,” it added.

BIR was referring to the Internal Revenue Stamps Integrated System (Iris) on tabocca which requires manufacturers to affix tax stamps on cigarette packs.

“All manufacturers, importers and distributors of cigarettes are hereby reminded to strictly comply with the requirement of affixing of internal revenue stamps,” it added.

The stamps serves as an assurance that the product has undergone the process of correct excise tax collection.

The BIR also encouraged both the retailers and the consumers to purchase only those packs with the authorized stamps.

“All wholesalers and retailers are likewise reminded to purchase only cigarette packs with authorized tax stamps,” the BIR said.

“Any cigarette pack in the market at this time without the requisite tax stamps are presumed to be untaxed and are considered illegal products,” it added.