Derek to celebrate Father’s day away from son

By , on June 17, 2015

Photo from Derek Ramsay's official Facebook Page.
Photo from Derek Ramsay’s official Facebook Page.

MANILA — Derek Ramsay will be celebrating Father’s Day on June 21, away from his son, Austin.

“He is in school. He is in Dubai since then. He is studying so, unfortunately, I can’t be there,” Ramsay said, as quoted in an a report for

Despite this, Ramsay remains hopeful to see his son soon.

But, marami pa namang panahon. (There are still a lot of time.),” he said.

Ramsay, will be celebrating Father’s day with his British dad, Derek Arthur Ramsay Sr.

“We always have something to opt for on Father’s Day, whether it’s five minutes together or we spend the entire day together,” he said.

Ramsay said that he will make sure to see his dad before the Father’s day ends.

Basta we make sure na bago matapos yung araw, magkita kami. (We will make sure that we’ll see each other before the day ends.)” Ramsay said.