PH in the most improved rule of law index list

By on June 7, 2015

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Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — The Philippines ranked 51st among 102 countries in the Rule of Law index in 2015.

The index measures every country’s rule of law and how it is experience in practical and everyday situations.

In the latest results of the study conducted by the World Justice Project, (WJP) the country was in the top 50 list in three out of eight categories by which all the countries were assessed.

The Philippines ranked 39th in terms of constraints on government powers; 47th in absence of corruption; and 50th in open government.

The country, however, was listed in the bottom half in the other categories including regulatory enforcement (52nd); order and security (58th); criminal justice (66th); fundamental rights (67th), and civil justice (75th).

The study is fifth of the annual series conducted by WJP and were based on 100,000 household and 2,400 expert surveys that used 44 indicators across the eight categories.

All of the categories were scored and ranked globally against regional and income peers.