Janice on Gerald and Maja’s breakup

By , on May 20, 2015

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MANILA — Amid rumors that she is the real reason why Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador broke up, Janice de Belen said she no longer see the need to explain what everybody already believed in.

She said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that she just decided to address the issue via Instagram.

“Kasi feeling ko wala ng point kasi naniwala na lahat eh. Ano pang point para klaruhin ko ‘yung issue or para i-deny ko or whatever when everybody already believed it? Kaya sabi ko huwag na. Kasi kapag persistent na masyado, Instagram na lang. Ganun na lang kasimple. Isip ka na lang ng pinakamadali — parang your point will get through so ‘yun na lang,” she said.

(I felt that there is no point (in explaining) because they all believed on it already. What’s the point of clarifying or denying the issue when everybody already believed it? That’s why I said there’s no need. When you are that persistent, (you can do it) via Instagram. It’s that simple. You think of the easiest way  so that your point will get through. That’s it.)

The actress said she was wondering how the rumor started specially given the fact that she was in Korea when it erupted.

“Magandang tanong [kung bakit ako ang natsitsismis], kasi kahit ako hindi ko alam. Bakit ako? Wala bang ibang mas sexy or mas maganda? Bakit ako? I feel na lahat sila, parang ‘yun din ang tanong, ‘Bakit siya?’” she said.

(The good question to ask is why I was involved in the issue, because I don’t even know it myself. Why me? Is there nobody sexier or prettier? Why me? I feel that all of them are asking, ‘Why her?'” she said.)

She also said that she remains friends with Salvador and Anderson despite what happened adding that she was thankful that both of them clarified the issue and cleaned her name.

“Hindi naman nila kailangan gawin because there really is no reason to. Siguro out of their respect and their love for me kaya nila ginawa ‘yun. I am really very thankful,” she said.

(They don’t need to do it because there really is no reason to. Maybe it’s out of respect and their love for me that’s why they did that. I am really very thankful.)