Cynthia Villar emerges as the richest senator

By , on May 19, 2015

Senator Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture & Food, visited over the weekend the 14th Mango Festival hosted by AANI Mango Industry Association (Photo courtesy of Villar's website)
Senator Villar, chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture & Food, visited over the weekend the 14th Mango Festival hosted by AANI Mango Industry Association (Photo courtesy of Villar’s website)

MANILA – Based on the senators’ statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) in 2014, Cynthia Villar again topped the list as the richest senator with more than P1-billion assets and zero liabilities.

With all assets and no liabilities, Villar’s net worth amounted to P1,983,480,135. She had consistently emerged as the wealthiest senator since taking office in 2013.

Included in her assets were residential properties, investments in stocks and other personal properties.

Villar was followed by Ralph Recto with P600-million assets. But with P78-million liabilities, he registered a net worth of P500 million.

Recto was then followed Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with more than P200-million assets. And with some P20-million liabilities, he totaled an almost exact P200-million net worth.

Antonio Trillanes IV, on the other hand, concluded the list with P5-million net worth.

Below is the detailed and ordered list of the senator’s assets, liabilities and net worth.

  1. Senator Cynthia Villar
    Assets: P1,983,480,135
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P1,983,480,135
  2. Senator Ralph Recto
    Assets: P600,689,290.47
    Liabilities: P78,682,635.26
    Net worth: P522,006.655.21
  3. Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
    Assets: P228,011,706.45
    Liabilities: P27,413,698.23
    Net worth: P200,598,008.22
  4. Senator Jinggoy Estrada
    Assets: P213,865,546.13
    Liabilities: P21,056,092
    Net worth: P192,808,545.13
  5. Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr.
    Assets: P219,785,615.75
    Liabilities: P37,914,965.63
    Net worth: P181,870,650.12
  6. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile
    Assets: P121,053,463
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P121,053,463
  7. Senator Teofisto Guingona III
    Assets: P220,339,575.30
    Liabilities: P106,957,512.98
    Net worth: P113,382,062.32
  8. Senator Sergio Osmeña III
    Assets: P105,270,000
    Liabilities: P4,500,000
    Net worth: P100,770,000
  9. Senator Juan Edgardo ‘Sonny’ Angara
    Assets: P115,980,900
    Liabilities: P15, 624,800
    Net worth: P100,357,100
  10. Senator Grace Poe
    Assets: P126,955,615.31
    Liabilities: P37,490,795.95
    Net worth: P89,464,819.36
  11. Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito
    Assets: P153,872,192.91
    Liabilities: P78,354,970.25
    Net worth: P75,517,222.66
  12. Senator Pilar Juliana Cayetano
    Assets: P78,280,071.06
    Liabilities: P4,868,874.68
    Net worth: P73,411,196.38
  13. Senator Franklin Drilon
    Assets: P73,125,857.99
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P73,125,857.99
  14. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago
    Assets: P120,133,539
    Liabilities: P50,000,000
    Net worth: P73,033,359
  15. Senator Vicente Sotto III
    Assets: P152,620,072.52
    Liabilities: P88,339,612
    Net worth: P64,280,462.52
  16. Senator Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay
    Assets: P116,552,605
    Liabilities: P53,993,789
    Net worth: P62,558,816
  17. Senator Loren Legarda
    Assets: P61,194,263
    Liabilities: P21,525,000
    Net worth: P39,669,263
  18. Senator Manuel Lapid
    Assets: P128,500,000
    Liabilities: P94,700,000
    Net worth: P33,800.000
  19. Senator Paolo Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino
    Assets: P33,386,486.59
    Liabilities: P8,850,000
    Net worth: P24,536,486.59
  20. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
    Assets P28,346,574
    Liabilities: P5,032,034
    Net worth: P23,314,540
  21. Senator Gregorio Honasan II
    Assets: P21,225,615.91
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P21,225,615.91
  22. Senator Aquilino Pimentel III
    Assets: P18,004,720
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P18,004,720
  23. Senator Francis Joseph Escudero
    Assets: P6,049,082.09
    Liabilities: 0
    Net worth: P6,049,082.09
  24. Senator Antonio Trilllanes IV
    Assets: P13,459,000
    Liabilities: P7,910.000
    Net worth: P5,549,000