MMDA warns Metro vs strong quake

By , on May 18, 2015

PHIVOLCS seismograph. File photo: PhilNews
PHIVOLCS seismograph. File photo: PhilNews

MANILA — The Metropolitan Manila Development (MMDA) response and rescue team warns residents to brace themselves against strong earthquake.

Following a 13-day mission in earthquake-struck Nepal, the rescue team advised communities to check the structural integrity of their houses and buildings.

In a radio interview, MMDA Flood Control Information chief Mon Santiago noted that MMDA’s earthquake response plan, Oplan Metro Yakal has devised strategies to respond effectively should a strong quake hit Metro Manila.

“There should be no congestion in the entry point of assistance,” he said, adding that they have divided the area into four quadrants.

The response plan identified four possible evacuation areas where earthquake victims may be brought.

Among the areas identified in the plan are the Veteran’s golf course in Quezon City, Villamor golf course in Pasay City, the Wack Wack golf course in Mandaluyong City and the Intramuros golf course in Manila.

Santiago also advised residents to make sure that the structure of residents’ homes are safe.

“We should all make sure that our homes and offices are structurally safe and even at the family level, we should be prepared for emergency cases,” he added.