Taxi app company clarifies last month’s alleged ‘spray incident’

By on May 12, 2015


MANILA — Taxi app GrabTaxi on Monday announced that results of investigation into the alleged spray incident involving one of the company’s taxis last month showed that the same taxi driver is innocent.

To recall, GrabTaxi was prompted to investigate after a complaint was raised on social media that a chemical substance was sprayed in one of its taxis.

“The incident on April 23 has been thoroughly investigated. Both the passenger and driver have undergone a series of laboratory tests in an independent hospital under the supervision of GrabTaxi management,” the company said.

“Results for both passenger and driver were found negative, meaning there were no traces of drugs or toxins found in both their bloodstreams,” it added.

GrabTaxi, meanwhile, assured its passengers that it continues to watch out for their safety by ensuring that its drivers have no criminal records.

“Safety has always been and will always be our priority,” the company said, noting how it reviews each of their drivers’ history and even finds complaints about its drivers’ conduct and professionalism.

“Again, we want to emphasize that we take all complaints and concerns seriously,” it added.