Derek Ramsay’s girlfriend makes appearance in his show

By , on May 11, 2015

Derek Ramsay (Photo from Ramsay's Facebook page)
Derek Ramsay (Photo from Ramsay’s Facebook page)

MANILA – On actor-host Derek Ramsay’s show Extreme in TV-5, his nonshowbiz girlfriend Joanne Villablanca made an appearance as she showed support to him.

Villablanca shouted ‘Go D’ through a megaphone as Ramsay attempted to climb a crane. She appeared simple and jolly, making some say that she would make a good co-host.

After Ramsay successfully climbed and descended from the crane, he was met with a kiss and hug from Villablanca. Later on, she also climbed a crane herself.

Early this year, rumors that Ramsay was in a relationship spread. The actor-host, however, stayed mum on the speculations until his show’s episode was aired last weekend, confirming all rumors.