Best effort on mom’s day

By , on May 10, 2015


MANILA — It isn’t giving when it doesn’t hurt. And surely, when it comes to giving gifts for mothers, children will always go for the extra mile to make sure that they have the most memorable gift for  the most important woman in their life.

In the digital age when greetings and gift-giving become more convenient via the email and social networking sites, going beyond just clicking is still the best way to make mothers happy.

Though uploading a photo and writing the “cheesiest” caption in the post comes handy specially for working sons and daughters, adding extra effort to the gift still makes gift-giving more special.

But when the hectic schedule just won’t allow you to have more time for planning that most special gift for the most important woman in your life, you certainly will be needing last minute gift ideas.

What you should not forget though, no matter how rush it may seem, is to make that gift special by adding extra effort in the making. Here are some last minute but best effort ideas that you might want to consider:


Your mom would certainly love to see a picture of you and your siblings hanging in the wall. Have your photo sketched, framed and wrap it beautifully before giving it as a present to your mom on Mother’s Day.

This will remind her of the wonderful moments she had as your mother. Though she may not really forget those memories, having her photo with her children will immediately flashback all the good times you’ve shared. You may also include your dad too and make it a family picture.

No matter how strict and strong  your mother’s personality is, there is always that soft spot in her when it comes to her family and her children. Always remind her of that soft spot by giving her a remembrance of your happy moments together.


Being a mother may be one of the toughest but most fulfilling task in the world. Give your mom a day-off on some, if not all, of her responsibilities in the house. Try doing the laundry today as a gift, or doing the grocery check-list or maybe cooking the meal, or all of it, as a gift.

Immersing into the most beautiful vocation like being a mother for a day will help you appreciate your mom better. This will also make her happy as she will be seeing your willingness to have her rest and your dedication to be a responsible mother in the future just like her.

Simple acts like being relieved from washing the chores or cleaning the room for a day will make her feel important and loved. Mothers are always the most easy to please when it comes to gift-giving, just give it your best effort no matter how simple the task is.


Shopping is still one of the best mom and daughter bonding. For boys, going out shopping with mothers who take quite a long time deciding on what to buy, doing an extra effort of being with her for a day in the mall will be highly appreciated.

Mothers understand that shopping is not the boy stuff so being with her for a day, which may mean doing an extra sacrifice, will surely make her happy.

For girls, because shopping is not a problem, go the extra mile of buying those clothes that your mom wish to have.


Have your mom get a relaxing day by treating her out for a spa complete with manicure and facial services. Have her get that hair treatment that she deserves. It may not show most of the time but mothers are really concerned about their wrinkles, skin aging, white hair and other physical changes caused by aging and stress.

They may not be very vocal about it but they do want to maintain that youthful glow. So, taking her for a spa and salon treatment will surely make her heart leap!

If you’re on budget, try searching for salon and spa offering cheap package deals and discount this Mother’s Day celebration.


Words are still powerful tools for moving hearts and creating deep emotional impact. Instead of posting on her Facebook page, take that extra effort of grabbing a pen and a paper  and writing her a letter.

It would also be better if you can go the extra mile by writing her a poem, a short story or a song. It may not need to have rhymes. Just write freely and express exactly how you feel. Remember that the best pieces are those  that come from the heart.

Do not worry about getting so emotional. Mothers are and they understand that. Do not stop yourself from telling her how much she means to you by using the right words. And you may not know it but you’ll have your mom in tears because of so much happiness.

Go for whatever it is that you find yourself comfortable of giving your mother this Mother’s Day celebration and don’t forget that “extra mile.” Mother’s Day celebration only happens once a year but you can make her feel loved by giving the best effort not just today, but all the rest of her life.

You may meet different persons everyday, friends and lovers may come and go but you will only have one real mother who will care about you more than anybody else, so go for that extra mile and make the best effort this Mother’s Day!