A Mother’s Day Itinerary

By , on May 10, 2015

(Marie B./Flickr)
(Marie B./Flickr)

What better way to spend the special day meant for your beloved mother than to treat and pamper her for a whole day?

For those who do not have plans yet when it’s already the holiday, no need to cram or fret as we give you ideas on what you can do and where you can go from dawn ‘til dusk on Mother’s Day in Canada.

Breakfast in Bed

Since you were a kid, your mother had always prepared your hearty breakfasts even if she had a tiring night prior or a long day ahead. She always did things for you out of love and you would wake up to the sweet smell of hot chocolate or the sumptuous aroma of homemade pancakes and toasts if it was not bacon and eggs. On her special day, turn the table around and surprise your hardworking mom with a special breakfast in bed complete with fresh flowers and a heartfelt letter of thanks.

If you have never held a spatula and pan before and you really don’t trust your cooking prowess, you may order homemade-style dishes from Twisted Fork Bistro, Medina Cafe and Boulevard. These best breakfast nooks in town will gladly serve you morning meals to go. Whether it be freshly baked breads and liege waffles or rosemary lattes and espresso coffee, these nooks are sure to start your mother’s day right.

For the flowers, you can get good deals for a bouquet of red roses or yellow tulips at Lavender and Lilacs Florist, Davie Flowers and Divine Vines. These shops are experts on flower arrangements and can even include stuffed toys or fresh fruits together with the fresh cut flowers in the bouquet. You can also have your orders sent to your home as these shops deliver to key cities in British Columbia.

Go to Church

As Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May, it has become a tradition for Filipino families to head to churches in the morning and go through with the other plans for the day afterwards. Let the blessing in your life be blessed herself. The church leader may even call on mothers to go in front so that you could lay your hands on her and pray for her. You and your family may head to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Parish or to Immaculate Heart of Mary Center, among other notable churches in the metro. All these churches are dedicated to Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus and of us all.

Buffet Lunches

As you continue treating your mother on her special day, serve her favorite meal for lunch. As she gives her all, give her all too – all she can eat for lunch, that is. Places such as Balkan House, New Novelty Sweet and Restaurant and Uncle Willy’s Buffet will have special offers and discounts today. These buffet restos feature different cuisines for the ultimate buffet experience.

If your mother is watching her weight or is a veggie lover instead, you can munch low-carb meals and fresh salads at Nuba, Le Marché St. George or Chomp Vegan Eatery which may even give you complimentary sugar-free desserts.

Long Walks and Heart to Heart Talks

Most mothers prefer quality time with their family rather than adrenaline-pumping sports and activities. With that being said, she may enjoy sightseeing at the breathtaking views of Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park or Lynn Canyon Park. Of course as you stroll along, this is yet a great time to reiterate how much you would like to thank her for being the amazing woman that she is. But for mothers who seek more of games and entertainment, try your luck at Chances Campbell River, go shopping at Metropolis at Metrotown or watch a film at Vancity Theatre.

Serene Dinner

Like your father who used to arrange romantic dinners for your mom, today, it’s your turn to make her feel like a queen as you arrange a dinner at a quaint resto complete with impressive interiors, dim lights and soft music. It does not have to be in a very expensive one though. For about 15 to 40 dollars you already have a full dining plate at Chambar, Cibo Trattoria and L’Abbatoir and for a little pricier budget of about 35 to 60 dollars you can already feast on gourmet dishes all plated to perfection at Oru, Bishop’s and Hawksworth Restaurant.

Pamper by Night

Before the day ends, complete her indulgence with a relaxing spa at Willow Stream Spa, CHI, The Spa and Red Cedar.  It’s time to loosen and relax all her tight muscles from all the hard work she has done as a full-time mother – and for her to cool down after you exhausted her with the surprise trip around the city you gave her on her special day.  From regular full-body massages to saunas and facials, whatever form of relaxation your mom prefers, these spas have them all for you.Think of lights to set the mood, relaxing music, scent of natural oils and the free flow of water – definitely soothing.

Bed of Roses

To wrap up the day, you may opt to go home with scented candles and rose petals laid out in her bed waiting to welcome her or you may extend your stay at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Shangri-la Hotel or Four Seasons Hotel for the rest of the night as the said spas are nestled in these hotels. Aside from massages, these world-class hotels also offer deluxe accommodations and other leisure facilities. But after a long and exciting day, what your mom may want to do is jump right into bed, shower you with hugs and kisses and thank you for making her special day a truly memorable one.

You may opt to do everything we mentioned or choose only selected trips and activities based on your preferences and budget. You may also try a staycation instead by cooking for her the whole day, giving her massages and taking her to the nearest park. The thing is, it’s not so much about what you do today but how much you make her feel loved and appreciated every day. Happy Mother’s Day to all supermoms out there!