Pemberton denies offering P21M-settlement

By on March 26, 2015

US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton (left) and Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude
US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton (left) and Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude

MANILA — Lawyers of US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton yesterday denied that they offered a P21M-settlement to Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude’s family.

In a statement for a Philippine Star report, Benjamin Tolosa Jr., said that it was the Laude family who requested for the said demand.

“I want to clarify and to put on record straight… it is an absolute lie, we did not make an offer… It was they who made the P21-million demand when plea bargaining was discussed,” he said.

This is following earlier statement of the Laude family adding that they will not agree to any settlement in the murder case.

Meanwhile, the trial reached its second day with the prosecution presenting  the second of the 27 witnesses in the stand, Mark Clarence “Barbie” Caguioa Gelviro, a transgender friend of Laude.

According to one of the lawyers of the Laude family, Gelviro confirmed earlier statement of witness that Pemberton was with Laude when she left them at the Celzone Lodge.