Kris reveals Aquino in joking mood

By , on March 25, 2015

Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

MANILA — To dispel rumors that President Aquino collapsed on Friday night, presidential sister Kris Aquino revealed her  brother’s text messages ribbing her about the way she talks.

Through her Instagram account, Kris posted her text exchange with Aquino.

The post reads:


“This reminded me of you. What if conyo lahat ng nasa Pilipinas?”

Magnanakaw 1: Holdap, make bigay all your thingies! Don’t make galaw or I will make tusok you!

Magnanakaw 2: Make suko! We made you napapaligiran!

Impeachment trial: You are so asar! I’m galit na to you!

Newscaster: OMG! I have hot balita to all!

Pasahero 1: Sir, payment!

Pasahero 2: Manong, faster please! I’m nagmama-hurry!

Karpentero: Can I hammer na the pokpok?

Magtataho: Taho! Make bili na while it’s init. I’ll make it with extra sago.

Pulubi: Knock, knock! Pa-beg.”

Kris then replied, “Ang weird. You texted me right at the moment I was praying Rosary for you. As in 4th mystery now! Pauwi kami from taping in Pampanga”

Aquino then said, “When I first got that, ikaw ang naalala ko.”

Kris said, “Okay, I don’t know if I should be touched, flattered, or just laugh.”

Aquino responded, “All of the above. Drive safely.”

“Napakalinaw na super okay si PNoy (Aquino’s nickname) nu’ng Friday because ‘di ba nakuha pa n’yang pag-tripan and spoof how I talk,” Kris added.

(It’s clear that PNoy was super okay on Friday because as you can see, he was able to rib me about and spoof how I talk.)

The post was after a TV reporter tweeted that according to a source, Aquino had collapsed.

Aquino, meanwhile denied allegations adding that “there is no such thing.”

“For the first time, I was happy that my hair is short because it will show if I have stitches. I tried to feel my head, there’s no bump,” Aquino said.