Kris Aquino reveals Herbert Bautista’s ‘romanceless’ marriage proposal

By , on February 26, 2015

Photo courtesy of Kris Aquino's official Facebook fan page
Photo courtesy of Kris Aquino’s official Facebook fan page

MANILA — Actress and TV Host, Kris Aquino, reveals how Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista popped “the least romantic proposal a woman has ever received.”

In a post on her blog titled “The  State of My Heart,” Aquino described how her relationship with Bautista almost ended up in marriage.

“This is the first time I’ll publicly acknowledge this, because I can now recall with absolutely no bitterness or regrets; on the first Friday of April nearly a year ago during merienda, he said he was tired, he didn’t want to play games, he was tired of chasing and of running away, and he wanted to feel secure with someone he could grow old with. He said, walang romance, walang lokohan, walang bolahan. Okay na raw ba ko to marry him kasi nga PAGOD na sya?”Aquino said.

Aquino accepted the proposal adding that she is willing to grow old with him.

“I remember laughing and saying that was probably the least romantic proposal any woman has ever received, but because we were so similar in our weirdness, I was in agreement; I wanted to grow old with him because I knew we’d never be bored conversing, and maybe this was where God led 2 individuals who deserved a chance at life long companionship with maturity, and full acceptance of equally colorful pasts,” she said.

Aquino also revealed how  their love affair ended with a phone call after she confirmed the status of their relationship ton her late night show ” Aquino and Abunda Tonight” (A&A).

“I made the mistake of speaking about him the following night on A&A. The next day, over the phone he broke up with me, right before Bimb’s 7th birthday party,” the actress revealed.

After the breakup, Aquino said she was proud that she has survived the breakup by traveling to places and avoiding those that remind her of Bautista.

She added that she is now looking at the failed romance with the Mayor as a blessing.

“But then, maybe Mom raised me to stand alone, and own my strength. And maybe the rejection I went through is a blessing, because I needed to feel the hurt, in order to learn to be less selfish and more compassionate, to empathize more readily with those suffering from all kinds of pain,” Aquino added.