Piolo Pascual says bike accident was minor; clears rumours about major mishap

By , on January 23, 2015

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo of Piolo Pascual

MANILA – Film and television actor Piolo Pascual suffered a “minor bike accident” on Thursday, while shooting an advertisement for ABS-CBNMobile.

“He has a few scratches and a small fracture in his finger. He already received proper medical attention for his injuries and has been cleared by the doctors to go home and rest,” read a statement issued by the actor, and released on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight.”
The talk show’s host, Kris Aquino urged viewers not to exaggerate the incident.

“Huwag nila i-exagge (They should not exaggerate it.),” Aquino said.

“Bakit sinasabi natin ito mga kaibigan? Dahil lumabas po ang iba’t ibang balita kanina na napakalaking aksidente ang nangyari kanina kay Piolo Pascual, hindi po totoo ito (Why do we say this, friends? We say this because many different versions of the story came out earlier, that a very bad accident happened to Piolo Pascaul, and those stories are not true.),” co-host Boy Abunda added, as he noted that the statement was issued to put a stop to all the rumours and false reports about the accident.