Vice Ganda defends PNoy Interview

By , on January 16, 2015

Vice Ganda
Vice Ganda

MANILA – Vice Ganda said that he does not mind the negative comments brought about by his interview with President Benigno Aquino III on “Gandang Gabi Vice.”
The episode, which aired last January 4, was Vice Ganda’s New Year treat to his viewers. However, the same episode irked some people saying that the President should not have agreed to do it.

“[The negative criticisms] I received were not limited to the interview with PNoy. In every episode, there are some who will like it, while others won’t,” said Vice Ganda during an interview. “It so happened that the interview was with the President, so definitely it was magnified.”

He added, “I am so happy with the result, how the people took the interview because majority of them liked it. I think only a person for every one thousand didn’t like it – those who are KJ (kill joy).”

Vice Ganda defended the interview saying that it showed the “lighter side” of Aquino saying that its refreshing to see and hear the President talk comfortably about the questions asked about him including his receding hair line and even his past relationships.

Meanwhile, the Palace defended the President for appearing on the show.
“It trended number one and we saw from the comments that most of the comments were positive. It showed the lighter side of the President,” Presidential Spokesman Erwin Lacierda said.

He added, “Vice Ganda brought [out] the lighter side of the President and it was positive and I think people came to empathize with the President on the daily routine, on the burdens of government. I certainly hope that it showed the President, after all, is not always serious.”