De Lima eyes diversionary tactics in NBP explosion

By , on January 9, 2015

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. Facebook photo
Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. Facebook photo

MANILA — Department Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila M. De Lima on Thursday said that one of the angles being looked into in the explosion at the Maximum Security Compound (MSC) in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City is the diversionary tactics in the investigation they are conducting.

According to De Lima, although they are looking at many possibilities, they are seriously investigating every aspect of the incident.

An inmate was killed while 19 others were injured after the explosion on Thursday morning.

Radio reports said that the explosion took place at the gate of Building 5-B of the NBP’s Maximum Security Compound (MSC).

Inmate Jojo Sampo died during the explosion, a member of the “Commando Gang. Two of the 19 injured inmates were in critical condition, most of them are members of the “Commando Gang”.

Initial investigation showed that an MK-2 fragmentation grenade was thrown by an inmate intended to kill JB Sebastian.

Sebastian is the leader of the “Commando Gang”.

During the several raids at the NBP last December, the DOJ and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) confiscated several “contrabands”, cash in dollar and peso denominations and communication gadgets.

Just recently, authorities have confiscated high caliber firearms, explosive devices, ammunition, improvised guns, bladed weapons, aircon units, flat screen TV, computer, refrigerator and DVD players.