FilCan seeks nomination bid for Vancouver-East

By on December 27, 2014

Elmore addresses her supporters

MLA Mable Elmore formally launched her bid to seek the NDP nomination for the federal riding of Vancouver-East at the Philippine Diamonds Society of BC Clubhouse on Powell St. on Dec 21.

“I came to this decision after being encouraged by many people, including ones from this riding, to stand for nomination. I recognize it is a very diverse riding with many urgent issues. I am passionate to advocate for these issues on the national level,” said Elmore to a packed group of supporters and media people.

Avelina Vasquez, a labour activist from the Hospital Employees Union, local Aramark, endorsed the nomination bid of Mable. Vasquez said, “I have known Mable for a long time. She is a solid supporter of the Living Wage campaign, an issue that I am involved in with the HEU, and of the hospital workers.”

Jane Ordinario, a women’s shelter support worker in the downtown east side and a long-time community activist involved with caregivers and temporary foreign workers also added her endorsement and strong support for Elmore. Ordinario said, “As a community organizer, I have worked with Mable in helping and supporting migrant workers especially the caregivers and the low-skilled temporary foreign workers. Mable Elmore has made strong positions on issues that affect us. She has never let us down.”

Before her election as an MLA, Elmore was active as a long-time union and community organizer and leader for many years. She worked in the Downtown Eastside advocating for caregivers, immigrant rights, and women’s rights. She joined the many marches for the missing indigenous women, as well as peace marches in Vancouver.

Elmore co-chaired the Women’s Committee of the Vancouver District and Labour Council and also did organizing work out of the Maritime Labour Centre. Elmore is active in the Queer community and has participated in many Dyke marches on Commercial Drive.
She continues to work and advocate for caregivers and low-skilled temporary foreign workers and firmly believes that Canada needs to return to the model of permanent immigration, not temporary migration.

She made history as the first MLA of Filipino descent when she was elected to represent Vancouver-Kensington in 2009 and when she was re-elected in 2013. Elmore had run for the federal riding of Vancouver-Kingsway in 2005.

“Vancouver-East is a richly diverse and vibrant riding that faces many important issues. Libby Davies has done excellent work here over the years. She is an icon and an excellent model of a dedicated public servant that gave voice to the voiceless in her riding,” said Elmore.

Elmore’s continuing and proven track record attests to her passion for social justice and advocacy for community empowerment. Her progressive vision for Canada is based on opportunity for all and not the direction that Stephen Harper and the Federal Conservatives have taken.

Along with issues of permanent migration, Elmore is committed to advocate for a national housing strategy, climate justice, a national mental health strategy, a national poverty reduction plan, justice for First Nations and indigenous communities, and the need for democratic reforms. Elmore emphasized these points: “I believe that to make change is to work collectively with, beside and for the community. It is about thinking of the other, not just for one’s self. It is about changing communities for the better. This is what Canada is about.”

Elmore’s nomination theme sums it up: “proven. passionate. progressive.”