Diners at Edmonton restaurant get bills paid for by man who wanted it kept quiet

By on December 23, 2014


EDMONTON — It was an anonymous gift that left diners at an Edmonton restaurant flabbergasted.

Moxie’s lounge in south Edmonton was bustling at lunchtime on Monday.

When people from about eight or nine tables went to settle their tabs, they were told an anonymous stranger already paid.

Moxie’s manager Matthew Russo says the man whispered to him that he’d like to pay everyone’s bills in the lounge.

Russo says at first he was taken aback, but he added up all the bills and the man paid and left quietly.

He says the bill for the eight tables was substantial and he’s never seen it before in all his years of working in the restaurant industry.

Russo says the gesture put patrons and staff alike in a good mood.

“I think it’s blown everyone away… it was incredibly generous and kind and much appreciated.”