Canadian man finds traveling partner who shares ex-girlfriend’s name

By , on December 21, 2014


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Shutterstock photo

TORONTO – Jordan Axani, 28, had big plans to travel across Europe and Asia with then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher. But as fate would have it, the couple broke up before the trip, leaving Axani with a plane ticket made out in his ex-girlfriend’s name.

Due to stipulations governing the purchase, as well as the inconvenience of changing names on all the bookings made with numerous airlines, the Canadian man took to social media site Reddit to search for someone with the same name as his ex, as well as a valid Canadian passport; rather than refund or transfer the tickets.

Now his dream of traveling the world with Elizabeth Gallagher will finally come true. Only he won’t be traveling with the same girl who was once his partner.

Axani will be setting out on the three-week trip  – which includes stops in Italy, France, India and Thailand – with a student from Nova Scotia, 23-year-old Elizabeth “Quinn” Gallagher.

Gallagher, a homeless shelter volunteer, was one of thousands of women who responded to Axani’s ad. She was chosen by Axani after he spoke with her on the phone and was struck by the young woman’s social conscience.

“It’s totally platonic. Do I think we’ll become friends? Sure,” Axani said from New York, where the pair will begin their trip on Sunday.

Motivated by all the attention the search has received, Axani has set-up a charity, which he named A Ticket Forward, that aims to fund trips for underprivileged people.