Missing Fil-Am woman found dead inside her car

By , on December 18, 2014

Aubrey Andrews (Facebook photo)
Aubrey Andrews (Facebook photo)

California newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, reported that 20-year-old Filipina-American Aubrey Andrews – who had been missing for over a week – was found dead in her vehicle on Wednesday.

Investigators were initially unable to identify the body found in the car, but the Sacramento County Coroner’s office confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that the sorpse is indeed that of the missing young woman.

Andrews was last seen alive on the late evening of December 6, in the vicinity of her home on the 5900 block of Jacinto Avenue in Sacramento. Witnesses say she was observed to be distraught when she drove away in her white Toyota Prius.

She was nine months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, and also has a three-year-old son.

She was reported missing by her husband, Edward Andrews, on the night of December 6. He told police official that his wife did not take any clothing or any of her personal effects, nor did she take their son along with her. Furthermore, he stated that her purse was left behind on her front doorstep.

Sacramento police officials said that the car was found on December 16 in a parking lot of a Walmart in Elkgrove; approximately four miles from Andrew’s home. They also disclosed that there was no initial evidence of foul play; although they are not ruling the possibility out, just yet.

Andrews and her husband had been living separately  for several months, on account of a turbulent marriage.  In May of this year, Andrews filed for a divorce from her husband, but she eventually cancelled the filing. She likewise requested that a temporary restraining order be issued, on grounds of domestic violence.