Kris Aquino shares birthday plans

By , on December 10, 2014

Photo courtesy of Kris Aquino's official Facebook fan page
Photo courtesy of Kris Aquino’s official Facebook fan page

MANILA – For her 44th birthday next year, Kris Aquino plans to go on a grand tour of Italy.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Kris TV,” Aquino shared that her trip will start in Milan. Next stop will be the Basilica of Saint Anthory of Padua, then on to Florence.

“From Florence going to Rome, you will be able to see Assisi,” said Aquino.

Aside from that, Aquino revealed that she will also go to Padre Pio Shrine and the Il Duormo di Firenze in France.

“My sisters won’t believe me when I told them that I’ve changed. I told them that for my birthday next year, my priority is to pray,” shared Aquino.

But of course, she admitted that shopping will also be part of her itinerary as she tours Europe.

For now, Aquino is busy promoting the horror film “Feng Shui,” which is an official entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.