Party-list rep files bill pushing nationwide wi-fi connectivity

By , on December 9, 2014

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MANILA, Philippines – A party-list representative has filed a bill which seeks to create wireless Internet network connection or wi-fi throughout the Philippines.

Delphine Gan Lee, representative of the AGRI part-list is pushing for all towns and their residents to be connected via the creation of a municipal wi-fi program, to be shouldered 50-50 by the national government and the respective local governments.

Lee elaborated that the bill presents “ the idea of converting an entire town into a wireless access zone, generally done by providing broadband thru wi-fi to the main areas or all of the municipal area by creating a wireless mesh network.

“The usual design utilizes hundreds of routers deployed outdoors. The network operator acts as a wireless Internet service provider. Wireless communication is critical for public safety. First responders can set up an instant network at the scene of an incident with a wireless mesh,” she explained.

When established, local government units may offer its constituents free use of the wi-fi network.

Lee pointed out that the creation of such a program would bring progress to the municipalities and its communities, since investors and travelers alike generally prefer to conduct business or visit areas with internet connectivity.

“The possibilities are limitless. We are a wired country and this measure will serve a big number of Filipinos and integrate those who cannot afford to pay for an Internet connection with those who can,” she said.

She also noted that the Philippines is deemed the fastest growing market for the Internet, with more than 33 million active users across the country.

“In the Southeast Asia region, the Philippines is considered the fastest growing Internet audience and Filipinos are more likely to browse a social networking site as compared to the entire world,” Lee said.