Meralco ready for possible typhoon ‘Ruby’ onslaught

By on December 5, 2014

Photo courtesy of Meralco / Facebook
Photo courtesy of Meralco / Facebook

MANILA — The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has reassured the public of its readiness to respond to the possible effects of approaching typhoon “Ruby” on the company’s power facilities.

“As a 24–hour service company, we are committed to respond to these types of emergency. Our crews are on standby to attend to any trouble that may affect our facilities in areas that might be hit by the typhoon,” Meralco Public Information Office Head Joe Zaldarriaga said in a statement on Friday.

He explained that Meralco has made the necessary preparations to alleviate the possible effects of the typhoon to its consumers.

Specifically, Meralco has requested billboard owners and operators to remove their equipment, for the meantime, to prevent these from being blown away which usually causes the power interruptions.

Zaldarriaga added that Meralco has also given tips on using electrical devices and appliances on the occurrence of flooding such as: turning off the main electrical power switch or circuit breaker; unplugging the appliances from wall sockets; unscrewing light bulbs from ceilings; removal of mud and dirt from service equipment or fuses; making sure that all electrical connections, connectors and other wiring devices are dry; and lastly, finding an electrician to check the equipment once it is dried and cleaned.

Meralco also encourages the public to ready their communication equipment such as: charging of mobile phones, laptops, radios and other similar gadgets.

On the moment power interruptions occur, Meralco advises the public to try to tune in to different public service radio stations so that they will be constantly updated with the use of battery-operated radios.

Meralco is the largest distribution utility in the country, with its franchise comprising the areas of Luzon.