Palawan dubbed by online news site as ‘Most Beautiful Island in the World’

By , on November 27, 2014

Coron, Palawan (shutterstock)
Coron, Palawan (shutterstock)

MANILA — Fresh from being listed by a United States travel magazine survey as the top island destination in the world last month, the island province of Palawan has again received recognition from another well-known US news site, Huffington Post.

Huff Post Travel writer Carly Ledbetter, in an article published on Monday, described the Philippines as an “under-appreciated” tropical travel destination, especially since it is home to “a hidden piece of paradise” like Palawan.

Ledbetter cited how the small island has “beautiful blue water mixes with emerald green, jungle-filled mountains that appear to rise up from the ocean, and small fishing villages dot the island.”

She noted island-hopping around the Bacuit archipelago for the cliffs, sinkholes and lagoons, venturing to Puerto Princesa for its culinary delights and staying in one of Coron’s “otherworldly” luxury hotels as some of the island’s high points.

Aside from these, she gave credit to the island’s incredible and rare wildlife — from purple crabs and Philippine mouse-deer to Philippine pangolin, butterflies, and the Palawan bearcat.

She also suggested to readers to try scuba diving in the island since it is one of the “best spots to scuba dive in the world,” tour Palawan’s subterranean river or take a bangka or boat to travel between the islands.

“We’re pretty sure that after all the biking, swimming and exploring you’ll do — you’ll never want to leave,” the writer said.

“Many say the ideal time to head to Palawan is between about October and May, so we suggest booking tickets ASAP,” she added.

Palawan accounts for one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT).

In fact, the island is featured in the DOT’s official television commercials (TVCs) aired internationally and can also be viewed on video-sharing website, YouTube.