Canada gov’t answers question on ‘Yolanda’ immigration measures

By , on November 19, 2014

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After several months, the government of Canada has finally released a statement to answer questions raised by a Toronto newspaper regarding special immigration measures enacted last year to help Typhoon Haiyan victims.

“Approximately 1,540 Filipinos entered Canada as a result of the special measure . . . as of October 2014,” a Citizenship and Immigration spokesman said October 16 in an emailed statement to the Toronto Star.

The statement was made following an open letter to the minister published by the Star.

The long-standing questions were also raised during a scheduled Question and Answer with Alexander on Twitter.

After a year since the typhoon hit several provinces in the country including Tacloban and its neighboring villages, a total of 519 cases are still being processed while ome 269 applications were rejected.

Minister Chris Alexander said during that time that they were supposed to provide “immediate relief” to the victims through a fast-tracking program announced several days after the disaster.