Trenas: LP-NP team up unbeatable in 2016

By , on November 17, 2014

Rep. Jerry Trenas (Iloilo City website)
Rep. Jerry Trenas (Iloilo City website)

MANILA  — Iloilo Rep. Jerry Trenas on Sunday said that an LP-NP coalition would be an unbeatable team in the 2016 presidential polls.

Trenas said it would be best for LP to team up with Nationalista Party (NP) in the 2016 presidential polls as both parties possess the right candidates and the right machinery to guarantee a victory in 2016.

He said an LP-NP team up in the 2016 polls will further strengthen the coalition of the country’s two leading political parties.

He stressed however that his position does not reflect the position of the LP but he noted that LP and NP have been working together since 2010 in putting into place all the needed legislation to institute reforms in government to boost the country’s economy and win the war against graft and corruption.

“I think that an LP-NP team up will be unbeatable in all levels in 2016. This was already proven in 2013 when the two parties worked together in the midterm polls. This will work again in 2016,” Trenas said.

According to Trenas, LP and NP have no problem working together as both parties share common ideals and principles when it comes to governance. He noted that this has been demonstrated even in Iloilo City where the Mayor, Jed Patrick Mabilog is an LP while the Vice-Mayor, Jose S. Espinosa III, is a Nationalista.

“This LP and NP partnership can be easily managed because there is no conflict not only among the personalities in both parties but are also bound by the same ideals and principles in terms of governance and public service,” Trenas noted.

The Visayan solon said that both LP and NP also had deep bench of members who are not only qualified to run for office in 2016 elections and both parties have a well-oiled and well-supported political machinery.

“We have strong candidates and we both have a strong political machinery. If we work together and further strengthen our coalition for the 2016 presidential elections, our candidates will be unbeatable,” Trenas stressed.

He said Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas can be named as the coalition’s presidential bet and NP can field their best candidate for the post of the vice-president.