NBI found no evidence vs Maguindanao massacre state prosecutors

By , on November 14, 2014

Justice Sec. Leila De Lima (screengrab from News5 InterAksyon footage)
Justice Sec. Leila De Lima (screengrab from News5 InterAksyon footage)

MANILA – Justice Secretary Leila de Lime on Thursday said that the National Bureau of Investigation has found no evidence against the Maguidanao massacre state prosecutors who were accused of receiving bribes from the accused.

Speaking to reporters during the NBI’s 78th anniversary, De Lima said that the investigators assigned in studying the case of the state prosecutors had already submitted their report.

The investigators indicated in the report that no direct evidence were found proving that the state prosecutors took bribes from the principal suspects who are members of the Ampatuan clan.

De Lima, however declined to mention any specific details from the report.

“No direct evidence found, but just that. I cannot talk about it further,” she said.

Meanwhile, NBI Director Virgilio Mendez also confirmed the findings of the NBI team.

“At this time there is no direct evidence of bribery against the state prosecutors,” Mendez said.

“The documents do not show any proof of bribery and another witness who was supposed to give details of the allegations did not materialize,” Mendez added.

He also, however, refused to give further details of the investigation results.