Sen. Binay worries about attacks vs their family

By , on November 11, 2014

Sen. Nancy Binay. Photo courtesy of Binay's official Facebook page.
Sen. Nancy Binay. Photo courtesy of Binay’s official Facebook page.

MANILA – Sen. Nancy Binay is worried about how the attacks on his father, Vice President Jejomar Binay may take its toll on her and her siblings’ children.

Sen. Binay said that the effects on their family is what worries her more than the effects on her father’s goal to win the presidential race next year.

Binay said during the mass on the eve of his father’s 72nd birthday that the allegations against her family were already affecting the Vice President’s grandchildren.

“One time, a child of my sibling heard in school, ‘That’s the child of Mayor Binay who is a thief,’” said the senator, the Vice President’s eldest daughter. “Isn’t it hurtful for all of us to hear that?”

Binay said that his father’s detractors might involve the Vice President’s grandchildren in the next set of allegations.

“Before 2015, they (detractors) might even include my children and my nephews and nieces in the allegations,” she said.

“I am more worried for them. My siblings and I decided to enter politics. But for these children, they have no choice but to be dragged into this,” she added.