15-year-old Pinoy is Calgary junior tennis champion

By , on November 5, 2014

Charvher Dael Facebook photo
Charvher Dael Facebook photo

ALBERTA, Canada – Charvher Dael, 15-year old Filipino tennis player, recently won the under-18 junior tennis championships in Calgary, and was likewise nominated for the male Athlete of the Year Award in Innisfail, Alberta.

Although Dael was bested by champion skier Devin Chambers as male Athlete of the Year, Dael is counting it a blessing to have been nominated.

When asked about his win at the junior tennis championships, he credited his achievement  to “hard work and sacrifices”.

Family and friends expressed their pride over Dael’s victory.

His sister, Pathemae Dael said: “I’m proud of him and thankful that he’s my brother.”
“Of course, as a Filipino I’m so proud of him. As an employer, we’re really proud of him,”

Kenneth Nabua, Dael’s boss at a fastfood chain for which he works part-time, said.
In 2011, Dael was awarded the Athlete of the Year Award at St. Marguerite Middle School.

Currently, he plays with Tennis Alberta in provincial and national tournaments.

Dael started out with a ranking of 80th in the province, but a series of 25 wins and 0 losses has upped his ranking to 4th in Alberta.

He advices fellow teens to “be responsible, respect, don’t drink, don’t do drugs and don’t smoke.”