Piolo felt bad for KC

By , on November 4, 2014

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Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – Piolo Pascual revealed that he felt bad for ex-girlfriend KC Concepcion.

Pascual and Concepcion were in a relationship before but broke up three years ago. When they parted ways, Concepcion went to the media and shared what happened between them.

He shared that he still love KC with all his heart, but added, “I felt bad for her because she didn’t have to resort to that (going on TV to tell her story)… it’s something I wish she hadn’t done.”

Despite what happened with his latest relationship, he still wishes for his son, Iñigo, to find love.

“He has to experience romantic love,” said Pascual.

However, seems like his son is more focused in making a name for himself in the show business. With that, Pascual admittedly said that he is not open to his son being a full-time actor just yet.

“My greatest fear is that he’d stop school once he’s had the taste of earning his own money,” Piolo said. “I’ve come to terms with the eventuality that Iñigo will end up in show biz just like me. He’s very much into the arts, especially theater. When I brought him to New York last year, he said he was thinking of taking acting courses there. I’d be glad to pay for his studies. I want him to have a college degree.”

He also shared that he worries a lot about his son’s working schedule.

“I think he’s busier than I am. He juggles work as a student, an actor and a product endorser. He wasn’t supposed to join show biz until he turned 18, but Sun Life Financial got him as an endorser, and then he was offered a movie, which Star Cinema is distributing. ABS-CBN also got him to appear on ‘ASAP’ for a month. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself.”