Malacañang to set-up public petition page

By , on November 2, 2014


As a means of boosting and improving its feedback mechanism, the government is planning to create an online platform for petitions on the website.

The Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) said that the petition platform will be patterned after the White House petition page of the US government.

“Users will be able to log in and post petitions, which will then be open for e-signatures from the public. When a certain signature count is reached, an official response will be posted,” the PCDSPO.

The PCDSPO said that the design and features of the platform have already been discussed, but they are entertaining constructive input on the project from the public.

Citizens may give their insight until November 15, via the webpage

“We are watching out for suggestions regarding the maximum length of a petition and the minimum number of signatories before an official response is warranted. Petitions that are too long might take too long to study and process,” the PCDSPO said.

The White House petition page,, provides an online vehicle for Americans to voice and sign their petitions; which are reviewed by the government when the required number of signatures has been reached