Words of wisdom; from Lucy Torres-Gomez to Marian Rivera

By , on October 11, 2014

Lucy Torres-Gomez and husband Richard Gomez (Facebook photo)
Lucy Torres-Gomez and husband Richard Gomez (Facebook photo)

With the wedding of celebrated showbiz couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera merely three months away, renowned personality Lucy Torres-Gomez has offered Marian some gems of wisdom from her own 16-year marriage to actor Richard Gomez.

Lucy, who is a guest judge on the “Celebrity Showdance” segment of Marian, shared tidbits about wedding preparations and married life.

“It’s really a fun time for any girl’s life, so namnamin mo talaga (Really savour this time). You are in that stage now. Namnamin mo, kasi by the time na ikakasal kayo, panibago ang chapter ng buhay niyo, so you adjust to being a housewife na araw-araw kayo magkasama, pero ang saya lang. (Savour it, because by the time you are to be married, that opens a new chapter of your life together, so you adjust to hbeing a housewife, being together (with your husband) everyday, but it is really a lot of fun),” Lucy told Marian.

When asked by Marian if there was ever a point at which Lucy almost gave up on married life, and what kept the relationship together, Lucy said it is her friendship with Richard that keeps them bonded.

“Meron din, kasi siyempre 16 years [kami]. Everyday kayo magkasama. I always say na every couple, hindi lang lovers (Yes, we have encountered those times, because we’ve been together 16 years. Everyday that you are together, I always say that every couple should be more than just lovers). You also have to be the best of friends kasi lagi kong sinasabi kay Richard, one day, ‘pag 85 na kami, tapos kulu-kulubot na, ‘pag nawala ‘yung looks, it’s important na something holds you together (you also have to be the best of friends as I always tell Richard, one day, when we are 85, and all wrinkled, when the looks are gone, it’s important that something holds you together). That’s the friendship that you have,” stated Lucy.

Lucy further advised Marian to “Just be yourself,” urging her to make Dingdong her “best friend” and not to keep secretes from each other.

“Make him your best friend and huwag kayo magtago ng sikreto (and do not keep secrets). I am able to tell Richard everything, siya rin (he too). Ang pundasyon niyo talaga (Your true foundation) is the time you spend together and the memories you make kasi ‘pag nasanay kayo na lagi kayong busy sa ginagawa niyo individually, hindi niyo na hahanapin (because if you become accustomed to always being busy with your individual activities, you will no longer look for your time together). Find time talaga kasi masasanay kayo na hindi kayo laging magkasama (Find time together, otherwise you will gro used to always being apart),” Lucy said.